Zombie Apocalypse Insurance

Are you prepared?

“My biggest fear about becoming a zombie is all of the walking that I’d have to do.”

-Someone on the Internet

Okay, so maybe there isn’t a plausible zombie apocalypse insurance policy available to the public. But there are all types of emergencies we need to prepare for. And who knows, by getting your insurance ready for the zombie apocalypse, you may have prepared for just about any emergency!

Home Insurance:

In order to get prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you definitely need home insurance or renters insurance. Kraft Insurance Services can help you design your home insurance or renters insurance policy to withstand a catastrophe…like a zombie apocalypse.

Car Insurance:

All of that off-roading, running road blocks, and the occasional speeding away from herds of zombies needs a coverage-rich auto insurance policy. At Kraft Insurance Services, we can help you find the right coverage at the right price.

Personal Umbrella Insurance:

For those really bad situations, an umbrella insurance policy is there for you. Umbrella insurance provides liability coverage over and above your auto and home insurance limits. Kraft Insurance Services can help you prepare for those unexpected situations.

Health Insurance:

Unless you want your zombie bite treated by some guy in the back alley, you probably would want some health insurance. Kraft Insurance Services can work up all of your options for health insurance and make recommendations for which one might be best for you.

Life Insurance:

Not sure how insurance companies will react to someone becoming undead, but it is still a pretty good idea to get life insurance. Life insurance can be very affordable and one of the most valuable types of insurance. Kraft Insurance Services can help you find what type of life insurance is best for you.