Vision Insurance

Vision health is key to your overall health. Kraft Insurance can help you with vision insurance.

Taking care of your eyes means to take care of your health, but optometry bills can get pretty costly. Kraft Insurance Services can help you develop the right strategy for vision insurance.

What do all of those words mean?

When you’re looking at your vision insurance policy, there are a lot of numbers by a lot of unfamiliar words. Here are some of the most common types of coverages you’ll find:

Deductible Limits– The amount of money that must be paid before the insurance company will pay a covered claim.

CoPayment– Often called a copay, a copayment is a flat amount paid for a covered service.

Annual Benefit Maximum– The most the insurance company will pay for an insured per year.

Effective Date– The date in which coverage goes into effect.

Obviously, there might be different coverages needed for each person. Vision insurance needs are unique to each individual person. However, Kraft Insurance Services can get you an individualized quote today.

Better insurance starts here.

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